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Good article! Just one thing I'd note – I've done muscaria before (I'm 100% it wasn't pantherina – and it was always mushrooms I found in the woods myself) on a couple occasions & while I never used very high doses, I've certainly already felt bodily dysmorphia while under the influence, in particular, I felt myself to be big. For example when I lied down on the bed I felt as if my limbs are extending way over the edge in all directions.

It is certainly a bodily stimulant too. Gets me pumping. I was thinking of trying it to a metal gig (hope I don't berserk randomly while in the moshpit tho) but then pandemic happened and oh well.

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Another case of “going berserk” may be the Maenads from Ancient Greece - female followers of Dionysus who would drink and dance themselves into a violent frenzy.

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