Not for the first time I am struck by how much the passions of the current moment have in common with the lead-up to the Iranian revolution. There was mass agreement that the Shah needed to go, but what should come after?

What triumphed in the aftermath was an ideology that couldn't deliver much, but could get men excited about dominating women. Bronze Age Pervert & his fandom looks to me like a latter day Khomeini: critically astute and well worth attending to about the shortcomings of the reigning regime...

Totally masturbatory about what should replace it. Khomeini was frustrated about Iran's standing in relation to the West. But he was not able to deliver to Iran's youth in revolt prizes won in direct competition with the West. Neither was anyone else in Iran.

What could Khomeini hand the young and the rural dispossessed? Women reduced to chattel. It's what BAP promises his excited enthusiasts awaits them also, in the After Times.

It's a kind of power won at the cost of generative creativity (in many senses). It's a deal that has been made again and again in human history. It's interesting to watch how excited (in many senses) even very clever men get about it.

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I see anarchism as akin to the perfect order that is the chaos of nature ever striving after complexity. I also imagine that is compatible with a free market, but this is not yet well articulated, and not yet manifest in practice.

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When the rebellion began in earnest, the target of their fury was not the king himself, but rather his advisers and the entire class of lawyers and administrators: I pulled this quote as most interesting!

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You should read Oswald Spengler's Decline of the West. It will inform you that what is experienced now is not a new phenomenon

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glad my essay resonated with you. i appreciate your essay very much. thankfully in the several years since writing it i have abandoned anarchism altogether. holler at me if youd like to have some discussion or exchange on the matter.

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"Monarchism, Primitivism & Fascism" are all sub-systems of our current Uman Civilization Organization.


All those sub-systems are used by the Owners of the Main System as a buffer. They have been working very well since the majority of the herds of modern moron slaves keep on culling each other to defend such sub-systems, while also complaining about them.

One thing the herds of MMS NEVER do is going after the Owners and CHANGE the main system...

So we do keep doing the same stuff century after century.

Fun entertainment!

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