This voice is much more listenable. I should tell you, though, that any determined person with the necessary skills could de-process any adjustments you made. If you are really that concerned, you should be passing all your voice input through a live speech-to-text -> text-to-speech filter which would give you a completely false voice and remove all rythms of speech. That is really the *only* way. For example, I know where to find at least one recording of your unfiltered voice as SAH, but a skilled audio engineer wouldn't even need to bother, he would be able to recognise what you did to process it and do the reverse steps. Anyway, anyone who knows your personally enough to recognise your voice would be able to recognise this is you.

Why am I writing this? I'm just trying to make sure that you realise that if you are going to be "paranoid" that this is not sufficient. If it was a one-off anonymous conversation, like you see on classic investigative journalism pieces, then okay, but more and more they are using actors to reconstruct their testimonies or dub over their voices because that's what it takes to protect their identity.

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Very enlightening. That good I put my hand in my pocket.

Any other good British/European Anthropology/Archaeology sites/bloggers I should know about? The 'net is skewed too American and too loony tunes. I.E the Kazakhstan pyramid vis the Indonesian 'pyramids'. They've got the Sunda Shelf for gawds sake and numerous different population groups. Lots of opportunities for genuine underwater archaeology and genuine anthropology. The Wallace Line and Flores Man; there is no need for bigging up with nonsense.

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