I got nothing smart to add to this interesting essay, so I'll just say: tfw no hunter-gatherer tradition-preserving half-feral Narva gf.

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Fascinating! Perhaps they were holding tradition and trading.

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Very interesting post - thank you for writing. I wonder if Rzucewo is a source of or related to these guys from early bronze age and early iron age: https://eurogenes.blogspot.com/2022/01/para-turbo-balto-slavic.html.

If it is, it would imply that the Balto-Slavs arrived in their presumed urheimat of Baltic and Belarus considerably later than believed since Rzucewo steppe ancestry is so much lower than that of Balto-Slavs or even Finnics. Nonetheless, that would support theories from both linguistics and genetics that Balto-Slavs stayed close to Indo-Iranians for a while after the split of PIE.

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