Sitemap - 2022 - Grey Goose Chronicles

My Top Ten Books of 2022

Monthly Archaeology Round-Up: November

The Road to Metallurgy - Fire & Rocks

The Neolithic Skull Cults of the Near East - Part One

Monthly Archaeology Round-Up: October

Was Lola Daviet's Murder Motivated By Witchcraft?

Hating the Saxon: The Academic Battle Against The English Origin Story

Monthly Archaeology Round-Up: September

Cannibalism with Chinese Characteristics - Audio

The Tale of Richard Hoskins: A Life Most Cursed

Modern Witchcraft in the UK

Monarchism, Primitivism & Fascism?

Book Release: Berserkers, Cannibals & Shamans

Monthly Archaeology Round-Up: August

The Metaphysics of Aztec Violence

Book Announcement

Monthly Archaeology Round-Up: July

Breakdown of Lactase Persistence Paper

Some Thoughts on the Maritime Bell Beakers, Iberian Graves & Egypt

The Origin of 'Two-Spirit' & The Gay Rights Movement

Monthly Archaeology Round-Up: June

The Celtic Curse: Haemochromatosis & Agriculture

The Problems of Australia's Deep Past - Part Three

Bonus - Energy Drinks, Nicotine & the Brain

Monthly Archaeology Round-Up: May

Civilisation In Danger (1908)

The Problems of Australia's Deep Past - Part Two

Breakdown - 'Population Genomics Of Stone Age Eurasia' Paper

Cannibalism With Chinese Characteristics

Monthly Archaeology Round-Up: April

Response To Genetic Ancestry Paper

The Problems of Australia's Deep Past - Part One

An Elite Apart: The Biology of Hierarchy

Monthly Archaeology Round-Up: March

Transgender Skeletons?

Giants of the Deep: A Prehistory of Whaling

Bonus - Taking Wormwood & Herbal Bitters

Bonus - What Supplements I Take

On The Origin Of Writing - Part Two

On The Origin Of Writing - Part One

Horror & Prehistory