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Christmas Book Ideas & Reading List 2024

New Book Released!

New Book Out Soon!

Spirit Spouses & Corpse Brides: Marrying the Dead - Part Two

Nietzsche on Buddhism: A System of Hygiene

Atheism In The Ancient World

New Podcast Appearance: Louise Perry

A Stillborn Future: Where Is The Art?

Breakdown - Oldest Pyramid in the World? Sadly Not.

Monthly Archaeology Round-Up: October

Spirit Spouses & Corpse Brides: Marrying the Dead - Part One

Book Review: The Origin of the Germanics

Podcast - The Māori Genocide of the Moriori

Breakdown - How Your Ancestry Affects You Today ( Pankratov et al 2023)

#4 Introduction To Archaeology - Typology

Monthly Archaeology Round-Up: September

The Māori Genocide of the Moriori

The Return of 'Dynastic Race Theory'?

New Podcast Appearance: Illegitimate Scholar

The Dog That Defied Darwinism

Monthly Archaeology Round-Up: August

#3 Introduction To Archaeology -Dating Methods

Third Year of Writing - Updates

Chapter Four - The Cave

Biological Vitalism, or What Is Life?

[Spanish translation] Los campos de concentración para brujas en Ghana

Breakdown: Unusual human fossil from Hualongdong, China

Why are you so WEIRD?

The First Humans in Europe

[Spanish Translation] ¿Era Mozart un chamán?

A Mummified Modern Murder - The Case of the Persian Princess

Chapter Three - The Plains

#2 Introduction To Archaeology - Core Skills

Chapter Two - Humiliation

The 'Lost Bushmen' of the Drakensberg: The Bantu, The San & The Mountain

#1 Introduction to Archaeology - So You Want To Be An Archaeologist?

Chapter One - Fear the Beast

Two Tales from Laos: Iron Age Battlefields & Demons In The Night

Monthly Archaeology Round-Up: April

[Spanish translation] El orígen del movimiento "Dos-Espíritus" y el movimiento de los derechos gay

[Dutch translation] De oorsprong van 'two-spirit' en de homorechtenbeweging

The Problem with Indigeneity

Ghana's Concentration Camps For Witches

Trying To Make Sense Of The Venus Figurines?

[Spanish translation] La metafísica de la violencia azteca

Review: Did The Yamnaya Ride Horses?

Breakdown: Two New Genetics Papers On The Upper Palaeolithic And Mesolithic

Hidden Costs: Ecological Realism & The ‘Green’ Revolution

Paranthropus - The Earliest Tool Makers?

Dionysus, Rewilding & The Invention Of Wine

Book Review: Indigenous Continent, The Epic Contest For North America

Monthly Archaeology Round-Up: January

The Baltic Corded Ware: When the Herder met the Hunter

The Neolithic Skull Cults of the Near East - Part Two

Monthly Archaeology Round-Up: December